Kirkcaldy’s new court Annexe opens for business

Jul 29, 2020

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) today (29 July 2020) 
opens a new court Annexe in Kirkcaldy. The building, which will initially hear custody cases and in future sheriff and jury cases as well, will improve the court facilities experience for all users in Kirkcaldy.

The £3.7 million project consists of two new criminal courtrooms, together with a new custody suite, co-located within the existing Kirkcaldy police station complex at St Brycedale Avenue.

The opening of the new annexe marks the fruition of a two-year project to improve the facilities at Kirkcaldy. Creation of the new courtrooms will improve efficiency and flexibility in managing day to day business, increasing the number of courtrooms and providing improved accommodation for court users,
including victims, witnesses and jurors.

The immediate focus of the new Annexe will be improved digital capability as the SCTS and courts prioritise critical business during the Covid-19 outbreak.

So the strong message for any court user is the same for the new Annexe as it is for any court building at this time: 

Kirkcaldy Annexe Sh and Jury court LRKirkcaldy’s Sheriff Clerk Neil Rawlings said: “I am delighted these building works are now complete. We will use them effectively during this challenging time and we look forward to these much-improved facilities being available to court users in the future.”

Eric McQueen, SCTS Chief Executive, said: “There are so many opportunities which come with this new facility. We look forward to when we can welcome our court users into the new environment and we welcome the extra space and teleconferencing capability it gives us at this time.”

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