New Simple Procedure

Nov 29, 2016

From 28 November 2016 Simple Procedure replaces the current small claims procedure and part of the summary cause procedure.   Simple procedure is a court process designed to provide a speedy, inexpensive and informal way to resolve disputes where the monetary value does not exceed £5,000.

The new Simple Procedure rules were prepared by the Scottish Civil Justice Council and described by the Chair, the Rt. Hon. Lord Carloway:  “The simple procedure has been designed with the party litigant in mind, using accessible language and incorporating user-friendly guidance into the rules.”

The Simple Procedure rules, forms and support information is now available on the ‘Taking Action’ section of

Simple Procedure Rules
Simple Procedure Forms
Support Information

Simple Procedure replaces summary cause procedure only where it relates to actions for payment, delivery or for recovery of possession of movable property or actions which order someone to do something specific.

Summonses lodged on or after Monday 28 November 2016 will require to be lodged under Simple Procedure.  

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